Juice Plus+ launches new report analysing 32,000 consumers and shows latest global perceptions on fruit and vegetables

Sara Lovelady Oct 27, 2023
A woman emptying the basket with some vegetables and fruits from the organic garden.

Bridging the Gap to Healthier Living

Scientific experts agree: Fruits and vegetables should make up a significant portion of the diet. Unfortunately, most people do not eat enough. This fact is well-documented through consumer research reports as well as observational studies. Yet questions remain.

Which fruits and vegetables are people eating, and does preference vary according to country, generation, or changes in individual tastes over time? How much produce are people eating and do they believe they're meeting recommended goals for fruit and vegetable intake? Do they know what those goals are, and even more fundamentally, what constitutes a portion size? What's stopping them from eating more?

A new report from The Juice Plus+ Company, which tracks the fruit and vegetable consumption patterns and beliefs of 32,000 people across seven global regions, attempts to answer these questions. Forewords from CEO Travis Garza and Professor Charles Spence, MA, PhD, Professor of Experimental Psychology, Oxford University, help contextualize the findings and emphasize why having this data is so important in the quest to help people eat more fruits and vegetables.

In This Report, You'll Learn

  • The percentage of respondents who could correctly identify what constitutes a
    serving size of fruits or vegetables
  • How many people said they were not eating the recommended portions of fruit
    and vegetables a day
  • Citizens of which of the seven global regions surveyed were most likely to believe they eat the recommended servings of fruit and vegetables, and which were least likely
  • How many people use health supplements in support of a balanced diet
  • Which health concerns consumers tie to low fruit and vegetable consumption
  • How much fresh produce is going to waste, and which country wastes the most
  • Which fruit was the favorite among six of the seven global regions
  • Which vegetable is favored by people living in Spain and France vs which one Americans and Brits prefer
  • The surprising age group that chose avocadoes as their favorite fruit
  • How much produce people think they eat and why that figure may not be accurate
  • How fruit and vegetable consumption changes with the seasons and with age
  • The surprising number of consumers who have experienced food insecurity and the country reporting the highest levels
  • How the cost-of-living crisis has affected consumption of fresh produce
  • The percentage of consumers who think the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables has changed over time

Bridging the Gap to Healthier Living